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If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai and looking for an unforgettable adventure, a desert safari is a perfect choice. Dubai’s desert offers a unique blend of natural beauty, thrilling activities, and cultural experiences that are suitable for all ages. It offers a perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. By choosing a reputable tour operator and following a few simple safety tips, you can create lasting memories and enjoy an extraordinary experience with your loved ones.

A family of four walking hand in hand on sand dunes during a desert safari at sunset in Dubai.

Choosing the Best Family Desert Safari in Dubai a Must-Do?

When planning a family desert safari in Dubai, there are several factors to consider to ensure the experience is enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Research and Reviews

Start by researching various desert safari providers. Look for reviews and testimonials from other families who have taken similar trips. Websites like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and travel blogs can provide valuable insights into the quality of different tours. Pay attention to comments about the safety measures, the quality of the activities, and the overall experience.

Family-Friendly Packages

Ensure that the safari package you choose is specifically designed for families. Family-friendly packages often include activities suitable for all ages, such as camel rides, sandboarding, and cultural experiences like henna painting and traditional dance shows. Some tours even offer storytelling sessions around the campfire, which can be a magical experience for kids.

Safety Measures

Safety should be your top priority when selecting a desert safari. Check if the tour operator provides child-friendly safety measures, such as proper seat belts and child car seats in the vehicles. Make sure the vehicles used for dune bashing are well-maintained and equipped with safety features. It’s also essential to ensure that the tour guides are experienced and trained in handling emergencies.

Age Appropriateness

Consider the ages of your children when choosing the activities included in the safari. While older children might enjoy dune bashing and quad biking, these activities might not be suitable for younger kids. Always check the age restrictions for each activity. For instance, dune bashing is generally recommended for children aged six and above, while camel rides can be enjoyed by younger kids under parental supervision.

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Kid-Friendly Activities in Dubai’s Desert Safari

When planning a desert safari in Dubai with kids, it’s important to choose activities that are safe, engaging, and suitable for all ages. Here are some of the best kid-friendly activities you can enjoy on a Dubai desert safari.

Camel Rides

Camel rides are a classic and safe activity for kids of all ages. Children can enjoy a gentle ride on these “ships of the desert” while taking in the vast desert landscape. Most desert safari tours include camel rides, making it a must-do experience for families. It’s a great way for kids to connect with the traditional mode of desert transportation and feel the rhythm of the desert.


Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding but on sand dunes instead of snow. It’s a fun and relatively safe activity for older kids who enjoy adventure. Even younger children can try it out under supervision. Sandboarding allows kids to slide down the dunes on a board, providing a thrilling experience without being too extreme.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing involves riding a 4×4 vehicle across the sand dunes at varying speeds. While this activity is very popular, it’s important to consider its suitability for your kids. Dune bashing is generally safe for children over six years old, but it’s advisable to check with the tour operator about the safety measures in place. Proper seat belts and child seats should be provided to ensure a safe experience.

Sandcastle Building

For younger kids or those who prefer more relaxed activities, building sandcastles is a wonderful way to enjoy the desert. The fine, soft sand of Dubai’s dunes is perfect for creating sand sculptures and castles. This activity allows children to engage in creative play while enjoying the natural beauty of the desert.

Henna Painting

Henna painting is a cultural activity where kids can get beautiful, temporary designs on their hands and feet. It’s a safe and enjoyable activity that introduces children to traditional Middle Eastern art. The natural henna paste used is safe for the skin and washes off after a few days.

Falconry Displays

Many desert safaris include falconry displays, where kids can watch these majestic birds of prey in action. Some tours even offer the chance to hold a falcon under the supervision of a trained handler. This activity is both educational and exciting, giving kids a close-up look at one of the UAE’s most revered animals.

Traditional Bedouin Camp Visits

Visiting a traditional Bedouin camp can be a highlight for families. Kids can learn about the Bedouin way of life, try on traditional clothing, and sample local foods. These camps often have a variety of activities, such as riding camels, trying Arabic sweets, and enjoying cultural performances.


If your safari extends into the evening, stargazing can be a magical activity for children. The clear desert skies are perfect for viewing stars and constellations. Some tours provide telescopes and expert guides to help identify celestial objects. This activity can be both relaxing and educational, sparking an interest in astronomy.

Desert Wildlife Spotting

The desert is home to a variety of wildlife, and spotting animals can be a fascinating activity for kids. Look out for Arabian oryx, gazelles, and desert foxes. Some safaris include trips to conservation areas where children can learn about the efforts to protect these species.

BBQ Dinner and Entertainment

Many desert safaris conclude with a BBQ dinner at a desert camp. These dinners often feature live entertainment, such as belly dancing, fire shows, and traditional music. The relaxed atmosphere and variety of food options make it a great way for kids to experience local culture while enjoying a tasty meal.

Safety Measures for Family and Kids on a Desert Safari

Ensuring your family’s safety is the most important aspect of planning a desert safari in Dubai. Here are four key steps and tips to help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable adventure:

Choose a Reputable Tour Operator

Start by selecting a reputable tour operator with a strong safety record. Read reviews and testimonials from other families to gauge their experiences. Look for operators that are well-established and have experienced guides trained in first aid and emergency procedures. A reliable tour operator ensures your safety and provides a smoother, worry-free experience.

Dress and Pack Appropriately

Dressing appropriately for the desert is crucial. Wear light, loose-fitting clothes that cover your arms and legs to protect against the sun. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential to prevent sunburn. Bring along closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from the hot sand. Additionally, pack an emergency kit with essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, medications, and a flashlight.

Hydration and Sun Protection

Staying hydrated in the desert is vital. Drink plenty of water before and during your safari, and bring enough for the entire family. Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks as they can contribute to dehydration. Use a high-SPF sunscreen and reapply every couple of hours, especially after sweating. Don’t forget lip balm with SPF protection to prevent chapped lips.

Follow Safety Briefings and Age Recommendations

Listen carefully to the safety briefing provided by your tour guide at the start of the safari. They will explain the rules and precautions for activities like dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. Follow these instructions closely and ensure that age recommendations are strictly adhered to. For example, dune bashing is generally suitable for children over six years old, while younger kids can enjoy camel rides with supervision.

Desert Safari Adventure Options for Families

When choosing a desert safari for your family, you have several options. Morning safaris are great for avoiding the heat and include activities like dune bashing and camel rides. Evening safaris offer cooler temperatures, a beautiful sunset, and a BBQ dinner. Overnight safaris provide a unique experience with stargazing and sleeping under the desert sky. Choose based on your family’s preferences and schedule.

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Quad Biking and Other Adventure Activities

Quad biking is a thrilling activity for older kids and adults. It requires wearing safety gear and following instructions. Children typically need to be 16 or older to ride alone, while younger kids can ride with an adult. Other activities include dune buggy rides, which are similar but allow for more family members to join in, and hot air balloon rides for a serene, scenic view of the desert.

Ensuring Senior Citizen Safety on Desert Safaris

Desert safaris can be safe for senior citizens with some precautions. Choose a safari with gentle activities like camel rides and cultural experiences. Ensure the vehicle has comfortable seating and good suspension. Bring along necessary medications, stay hydrated, and avoid extreme heat by opting for morning or evening tours. Always communicate any health concerns to the tour operator beforehand.

Health and Wellness Tips for Desert Safari

Staying healthy in the desert involves staying hydrated and protecting yourself from the sun. Wear light, loose-fitting clothes, a hat, and sunglasses. Apply sunscreen regularly. If anyone in your family has motion sickness, consider taking preventive measures before dune bashing. Carry a small first aid kit with basics like band-aids and antiseptic wipes.

FAQs about Safe Family Desert Safari Dubai

These are the frequently asked questions about the safety measures for a family desert safari in Dubai. If you have more queries on Dubai desert safari with kids, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Try not to repeat a query that has already been addressed.

What is the Best Family Desert Safari Dubai experience?

The best family desert safari in Dubai offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, catering to all age groups. It includes thrilling desert activities, cultural experiences, and a delicious barbecue dinner, ensuring a memorable day in the stunning desert scenery.

Is the Morning Desert Safari suitable for kids?

Yes, the morning desert safari is suitable for kids. It offers a cooler and more pleasant experience than the afternoon heat. Activities like camel rides, sandboarding, and exploring the desert are family-friendly and provide an exciting morning in the dubai desert.

What kind of activities are included in a Family Desert Safari Dubai?

A family desert safari in Dubai includes a variety of activities such as dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and cultural performances. The safari often concludes with a delicious barbecue dinner. It’s a great way to experience the desert with your family.

How safe is a desert safari with family?

A desert safari with family is generally very safe. Reputable tour operators prioritize safety, using well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers. Activities are conducted with safety measures in place, ensuring a safe and enjoyable desert adventure for everyone.

What should we bring for a Desert Safari Dubai tour with kids?

When going on a desert safari dubai tour with kids, it’s advisable to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, and water. Since temperatures can drop in the evening, a light jacket is also recommended for the children.

What makes the Evening Desert Safari special for families?

The evening desert safari is special for families because it offers a complete desert experience with the added charm of a beautiful sunset. Families can enjoy a range of activities culminating in a delicious barbecue dinner under the stars, providing an unforgettable experience in dubai.

Can children participate in desert adventure activities?

Children can participate in many desert adventure activities such as camel rides, sandboarding, and gentle dune drives. However, some activities like high-intensity dune bashing may have age or height restrictions for safety reasons.

How do I ensure a friendly desert safari experience for my family?

To ensure a friendly desert safari experience, choose a reputable tour operator, check reviews, and confirm that the tour includes family-friendly activities and safety measures. Bring necessary supplies, follow guidelines, and communicate any specific needs to the tour operator.

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