Get Rewarded For Following Speed Limits In Dubai

Speeding is a very serious offense in Dubai and it leads to death and injuries every year. When drivers drive too fast, they do not have enough time to react to any unexpected situation that might occur on the road. That’s why speed limits are set by the Dubai Department of Transportation to keep the population and traffic moving smoothly and to keep the public safe from reckless drivers.

Do you know you can get rewarded for following speed limits in Dubai roads? The Dubai Police have developed a new strategy to ensure the safety of everybody on the roads and avoid accidents. Dubai police are encouraging drivers to follow the speed limit by rewarding them with white points. These points can be redeemed for gifts and vouchers. Making Lasting Memories While Traveling In Dubai

Get Rewarded For Following Speed Limits In Dubai

Over Speeding in Dubai

Speeding is a major problem in Dubai. Every year, there are countless accidents caused by speeding drivers. These accidents often result in serious injuries or even death. In addition to the danger posed to other motorists, speeding also causes traffic congestion and wasted fuel.

The Dubai government has taken steps to try to address the problem of speeding, but the problem persists. One of the biggest challenges is a large number of speeding drivers on the roads. Even with speed cameras and other enforcement measures, it is difficult to catch all speeding drivers.

Now Dubai police came up with an innovative idea to help to control over speeding by giving points to the drivers. This is a system where drivers are given a certain number of points depending on how frequently they obey speed limits. This system is helping to reduce the number of accidents and speeding violations in Dubai.

How does the Dubai Police App work?

Get Rewarded for Following Speed Limits in Dubai is an initiative created by the Department of Transportation (DoT) in order to encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limits set in the city. The program offers rewards for those who follow the speed limits, including discounts on fuel, insurance, and car maintenance services. Drivers can also receive points that can be redeemed for various items such as gift cards and vouchers. Furthermore, drivers who consistently obey the speed limit will be rewarded with special badges or certificates that can be displayed on their vehicles.

Dubai police App uses geo-location technology to monitor the accidents, traffic, and speed of the users. This app will also show the police the location of the users who are driving recklessly. The app is available on both the Apple and Android systems.

The goal of this program is to motivate drivers to stick to the speed limit. In order to participate in the Dubai Police driver rewards program, drivers will need to sign in to the Dubai Police application and register for the program.  Drivers will be able to check how many points they have earned, which will be displayed on a map within the application. Points will be given to drivers for every few kilometers driven, provided they are within the speed limit. If a driver exceeds the limit, they will face a flashing light and subsequent fine and have white points deducted from their rewards number. However, if a driver will earn white points after getting a black point or violating the speed limit, the number of black points will not be deducted.

Important Note: The program is available only to Dubai-registered vehicles

How to drive safely in Dubai?

Driving in Dubai can be a challenge, especially if you are a tourist. The UAE is known for its traffic, and the drivers are not always very friendly. If you’re caught speeding, you may be subject to a fine or imprisonment, depending on the severity of your offense. However, if you want to get a free ticket or receive a discount on your next purchase, it is important to follow the rules set out by the Dubai Traffic Authority.

In order to make your drive a safe one, you should follow these tips.

– It is important to stay active when behind the wheel by keeping your hands on the wheel, to keep your car moving and safe.

– Stay informed about safety news and events by following government-sponsored social media channels and subscribing to local newspapers or magazines that focus on safety topics in Dubai.

– Use headlights at all times when traveling at night, as well as during peak hours (6 p.m.–6 a.m.) when driving in congested areas.

– Stay aware of your surroundings by using a GPS tracker, checking weather conditions, and using a cell phone to monitor speed and distance traveled.

– Use good judgment when making choices about where you will drive.

– Keep a close watch on traffic and give your vehicle plenty of space.

– Always make sure you are following the speed limit.

– Always wear your seat belt and stop for red lights.

– Don’t stop in the middle of the road.

-Use ↓ or ↑ indicators to change lanes, and use turn signals when turning into or out of intersections.

-Be sure you have a driver’s license and have practice driving.

– Make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and has a good set of tires.

– Do not be overly aggressive when driving.

– Don’t drive after drinking.

– Don’t use your phone unnecessarily when driving.

– Don’t drive when you are tired or intoxicated.

– Don’t try to beat the traffic.


Dubai is a city that has a huge number of tourists. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the rights of pedestrians and drivers to make the city safer for everyone. Being Get Rewarded for following speed limits in Dubai is a great way to encourage reckless drivers to obey the speed limit and help make Dubai’s roads safer for everyone. If you are a safe driver, make sure to download the app and start earning points today. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments! An Exclusive Guide To Quad Biking Activities In Dubai

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