Safety Tips for your Motocross Dubai Desert Adventure

Dubai is home to extreme thrill rides and sports, which will make your adrenaline rush like never before. Motocross desert adventures Dubai is an off-road extreme driving dedicated to explore the world on two and four-wheel drives, making new friends, and seeing new places.

Dirt bike and quad bike Motocross is an adventure tour, without any doubt! And the worst thing you can do in this adventure is to not pay attention to Safety Tips for your Motocross Dubai Desert Adventure! Let’s learn about the precautions we can take to have a memorable tour.

Safety Tips for your Motocross Dubai Desert Adventure

Important Safety Tips for your Motocross Dubai Desert Adventure

Deserts are known for their harsh conditions. Without proper preparation, you can quickly find yourself lost, dehydrated, and without much hope of surviving. To avoid this, it is necessary to practice good preparation of your body and to familiarize yourself with the area. Here are some safety tips for your motocross Dubai desert adventure. 

Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically

Before heading out on a motocross tour, make sure you are prepared physically keeping in mind all the pros and cons. Then wear the right clothes such as a T-shirt and shorts, that won’t limit your movement. The sand will get everywhere; it is unavoidable when you are in the desert! That being said, wear clothes that you’re okay with getting dirty.

Choose a Bike and Accessories for Motocross

Choosing the best bike, and accessories for a bike tour is important for comfort and safety. Don’t head out without investing in the right kind of bike, and accessories. The wrong bike could kill you if you hit a rock or tree. The best bike for a person is a bike that feels comfortable for them to ride.

What bike and accessories do you need? It all depends on what terrain you are going to be riding over, and what you plan on carrying. There are a few accessories that are necessary for all types of bikes. If you have components on your bike, you’ll need a pump and a patch kit. If you have a tire that gets flat and you do not have a pump, the patch kit can be used.

Must Wear Fitted Helmet

Wearing a helmet not only protects you from head injuries during a fall but also from blood clots and other serious injuries. They can also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, which is especially important if you are a frequent rider. Helmets are also required for some riding competitions. So, whether you’re just getting started in the sport or you’re an experienced rider, always wear a helmet!

When choosing a helmet, it is important to make sure it fits well. When your helmet fits correctly, it will protect you from injuries, and an ill-fitting helmet could fly off your head and injure somebody else.

Do Proper Research

Before embarking on any risky adventure, it is highly recommended that you do your research thoroughly beforehand in order to be prepared for any expected challenges. This includes learning about the local rules and weather conditions of your destination.

Moreover, sudden sandstorms can also occur unexpectedly; therefore, having a proper plan in place can help you to better handle stressful situations. Make sure you research everything you need to know beforehand and don’t forget to adjust your desert motorcycle according to your needs and comfort. By doing all of this, you can help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Bring Safety Gear

When your motocross Dubai desert adventure starts, it is important to be prepared. Make sure you bring the right gear with you. Wear protective gear, such as helmets and pads for your elbows, knees, and ankles. You should also bring and wear sunscreen because you’ll be exposed to the sun throughout the day. The sun is bright and will likely be reflecting off of the sand. Both wind and sand can cause a lot of damage to your skin and eyes, so make sure to wear sunscreen and protective eyewear or a hat.

Bring Enough Food and Water

Bring a source of water, enough food, and any snacks you might want. Desert weather is harsh sometimes so it is necessary to stay hydrated to boost your energy.

Opt for the Guided Motocross Tour

A good thing to bring with you is someone who knows the area and can guide you through the day. This will ensure your motocross Dubai desert adventure remains exciting and safe. Buggyrents provides the best quality bikes Motocross Dubai Riding Packages and guides for each type of tour. Contact them for a great adventurous as well as safe tour.

Controlling Bike on the Sand

Always Sit in the middle of your bike. If you sit too forward, it is more difficult to make turns, and if you sit too far back, you use more energy. A good rider in the sand does not have to move around a lot on the bike.

When braking, use less pressure on the rear brakes. The sand will do most of the braking for you. Simply slow down by rolling off the throttle. Use the rear wheel to steer and open up the throttle before you make the turn.

Some other safety tips:

  1. Check your tires and do not forget the extra batteries for your GPS device.
  2. Never ride after dark, especially on unfamiliar terrain.
  3. Be aware of any local laws as well and be sure to obey them!
  4. Have your license with you.
  5. Be focused and watch out for rocks or cacti.
  6. Make sure that your phone has service so that you can contact someone if you get lost.

The Importance of your Gear and Clothing

When venturing out into the world and trying to survive in it, it is very important to take proper gear and clothing to help you succeed. Without it, you are at a large disadvantage compared to everyone else on Earth. Being properly equipped with gear and clothing will allow you to have more resources and better chances of enjoying the tour fearlessly. Getting the gear and clothing of your highest priority should be one of your first goals and you should work at it as a top priority until you succeed.

Why you should Experience Motocross Dubai Desert Adventure?

Motocross is one of the best desert adventures to enjoy in Dubai. There are a bunch of reasons to add it to your bucket list.

  • For starters, the scenery is unlike anything else you’ll see in the world.
  • The vast, empty desert is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life, and it is a great place to clear your head and enjoy the quiet.
  • The desert is an exciting place to ride a motorcycle.
  • The sand dunes provide an exciting challenge for experienced riders.
  • And the views from the top of the dunes are absolutely breathtaking.
  • A motocross tour is also a fantastic way for introverts to become more outgoing with their peers and to make new friends.

 If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, motocross Dubai is definitely for you.


Adventure is the key to living a fulfilling life, but you need to prepare if you plan on going on any Motocross tours. Given that you have taken the time and effort to have a great time on your motocross Dubai desert adventure, and to get the most out of your experience, it is only fair that you are as safe as possible. That’s why before you head out to the desert for a day of motto-adventure, you should make sure to follow the above-mentioned safety tips for your motocross Dubai desert adventure.

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