Top 5 Preferred Motorcycle Tour Companies in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for motorcycle tours, and rightly so! With its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and a plethora of activities to enjoy, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to explore this amazing city on two wheels. However, it is important to take some time to prepare for the trip and find a good tour company to have a safe and enjoyable experience. We have got you covered by our list of the top 5 preferred motorcycle tour companies in Dubai, which will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on which tour company is right for you. These tours offer riders a chance to experience the best that Dubai has to offer.

Top 5 Preferred Motorcycle Tour Companies in Dubai

Top 5 bike tourism companies in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent destination for bike tourism, with some of the best companies in the business offering a range of exciting experiences. Some of the top 5 companies for bike tourism in Dubai include:

  • Buggyrents
  • Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours
  • JustGasIt
  • GetYourGuide
  • OceanAir Travels

All of these offer guided tours with experienced guides who will show you all the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. Whether you’re looking to explore off-the-beaten-track trails or take on some challenging terrain, they have something to suit everyone’s needs. Plus, they provide top bike equipment and great customer service so you can enjoy your tour without any worries. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Dubai, these five companies are worth checking out!


BuggyRents is the best tour company in Dubai, offering quality bike desert tour services. The company has been operating for over 6 years and provides reliable service to its customers. They have a wide range of bikes available for rent, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Their experienced staff will help you plan your tour, providing advice and guidance along the way and valuable information about the area and its attractions. They offer custom-designed tours that are tailored to your needs and budget, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience

BuggyRents also offers excellent customer service, ensuring that all clients receive a top-notch experience during their visit to Dubai. Their services are safe, secure, and enjoyable for all participants, making them the go-to choice for any bike desert tour in Dubai.

What Makes Buggyrents the Best Dubai Desert Tour Company?

Buggyrents is the best Dubai desert tour company due to its commitment to customer satisfaction and its attention to detail. It offers a wide range of tours that cater to all types of travelers, from adventurous thrill-seekers to the more relaxed sightseers. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring that your experience is both safe and enjoyable.

Additionally, they use only the best equipment, including their high-performance buggies that provide an unforgettable experience in the desert. Their vehicles come with comfortable seating for two people and can be customized according to your preferences. Buggyrents also offers a host of other services such as catering, photography, and even special packages for couples or families. With Buggyrents you can rest assured that you’ll have an amazing time on a guided tour through one of the world’s most stunning deserts!

Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours

Big Red Adventure Tours is the second-best tourist company in Dubai, offering bike desert tour services. This company has experienced guides that have detailed knowledge of local culture and attractions. You can choose from their different packages to get the most out of your experience. Their staff makes sure to provide you with all safety precautions and necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable journey.


JustGasIt offers thrilling bike desert tours. They provide the most unique and enjoyable experience to the tourists visiting Dubai. Their bike desert tours are one of their flagship services, which takes you through the amazing landscapes of the desert, giving you a chance to explore its beauty and serenity.

JustGasIt ensures that you have an unforgettable experience by providing quality bikes for your journey along with experienced instructors who will guide your every step. Not only do they provide a safe and secure tour, but also make sure that you get to enjoy all the spectacular sights along the way.


GetYourGuide is a leading tourist company in Dubai that offers an incredible bike desert tour service. GetYourGuide ensures that all its customers are safe and secure during their journey, providing them with professional advice and assistance when needed. Furthermore, the company provides excellent quality bikes for rent and has partnered with renowned local guides who can provide you with all the necessary information about the surroundings as well as tips on how to make the most out of your visit.

OceanAir Travels

OceanAir Travels is one of the top five tourist companies in Dubai. Their experienced tour guides take you through the beautiful and mysterious dunes of the desert on off-road motorcycles, giving you an unforgettable experience. The tour covers vast expanses of sand and provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the unique landscapes of Dubai. With their exceptional customer service and attention to detail, OceanAir Travels are sure to make your desert tour holiday an unforgettable experience.

How to Get Started on a Motorcycle Tour?

To get started on a motorcycle tour, first, you will need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. This includes a reliable motorcycle, appropriate riding gear, tools, and spare parts. It is also important to make sure your bike is in good working condition before hitting the road. Once you have everything ready, plan your route and determine where you will be stopping along the way. Make sure to research the areas you’ll be visiting and read up on any potential road hazards that may exist. When it comes time to go, double-check everything one last time and make sure your bike is properly fuelled up. Finally, get out there and enjoy every moment of your motorcycle tour!

FAQs for Off-Road Motorcycle Tours

What kind of bikes are used by motorcycle tour companies?

Most companies provide different bike models and sizes to ensure maximum comfort and safety for riders.

What safety measures do they take?

Motorcycle tour companies in Dubai adhere to strict safety protocols such as the use of professional guides, helmets, and protective gear for all riders.

How much does a tour cost?

Prices vary depending on the type and duration of the tour but most companies offer competitive rates with discounts available for group bookings.

Are there age restrictions and do I need to be an experienced rider?

Most motorbike tours have an age limit of 18 years or older. You don’t need to be an experienced rider to enjoy a motorcycle tour, though some experience with riding a bike is recommended.

Are safety gears provided?

Most tour companies provide helmets, goggles, and gloves, but you may need to check in advance if they are included in the package.

Is Motorcycle tour safe?

Motorcycle touring is generally considered safe as long as you follow all safety guidelines and wear protective gear.

What are the benefits of a motorcycle tour?

The benefits of a motorcycle tour in Dubai include learning about different areas of Dubai, getting to know your bike up close, enjoying delicious food and drinks while on the go, and seeing all that Dubai has to offer. A motorcycle tour in Dubai allows you to see some of the most interesting places in and around Dubai, as well as take in some great views from the road.


The motorcycle tour in Dubai is a great way to explore the city’s attractions and natural wonders. From exploring the iconic skyline of Dubai to riding through the desert, these tours offer visitors a unique experience that any traveler should take advantage of. Above mentioned are the top 5 preferred motorcycle tour companies in Dubai. They offer a wide variety of tours to suit any budget and experience level, with experienced guides and top-quality equipment. Their customer service is friendly and helpful, with a great reputation for reliability. So must write in the comment box below which bike tour company you like the best and why.

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